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Louise Smith Metal Arts
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More of my work and latest creations... Unique handmade metal art


About Us Background

ForgedArt- Louise Smith (B.A (Hons)

Metal Artist/ Blacksmith

In the heart of the French countryside, ancient traditions and modern design combine to create completely original and unique Metal Art.

Born in the U.K, Louise’s first involvement with metalwork was studying Jewellery design, taken alongside studying for her ‘A’ levels. She then took a 2 year BTEC National diploma course in Jewellery design, before moving on to the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. She graduated in 2001, with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree in Three Dimensional Design: Metalwork and Jewellery.

After moving to France in 2005 she was able to fulfil her ambition of setting up her own workshop/forge and now works directly from home in rural South West France.


Why choose ForgedArt?

When you choose ForgedArt, you are choosing to support small independent business and traditional craftsmanship over the mass produced and machine made.  Each piece of work is created with love and passion for the material and processes using in its creation. You are choosing original designs. You are choosing Unique handmade Metal Art.

A mixture of techniques and ancient skills

A blacksmith is a metalsmith who creates objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut .Blacksmiths work by heating pieces of wrought iron or steel until the metal becomes soft enough for shaping with hand tools, such as a hammer, anvil and chisel. Heating generally takes place in a forge fueled by propane, natural gas, coal, charcoal, coke or oil. Forging is the process smiths use to shape metal by hammering usually over an anvil. Smithing is one of the oldest metalworking occupations.


Metalworking is a science, art, hobby, industry and trade. Its historical roots span cultures, civilizations, and millennia. It includes a diverse range of skills, processes, and tools.  As a metal smith I use various methods, including traditional silversmithing,  blacksmithing and jewellery making techniques  to develop my own style of metalworking and metal art. All ForgedArt work is done by hand and not machine.  Metal is either worked red hot from a traditional forge, or cold after being annealed  with a gas torch. ForgedArt work is created in a variety of metals including Steel, copper and aluminium.

Metalworking Hi,  I am the owner of ForgedArt  I design and make all of my  pieces by hand, using  various  traditional techniques to create  original and contemporary  Metal Art.   Louise Smith B.A. Hons