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Louise Smith Metal Arts
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More of my work and latest creations... Unique handmade metal art


When buying from an artist/maker, you are buying more than just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are not just buying a thing, you are buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someone's life. Most importantly, you are buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about.

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Based in South West France, all pieces are  designed and crafted  exclusively by Artist  Metalworker/ Blacksmith Louise Smith. B.A. Hons.  Totally Unique and Entirely Handmade.GalleryInformationWhy handmade?Handmade ContemporaryMetal Art  and Unique DesignMetal ArtLouise smith
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